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Choun Nath
(Samdach Preash Somethea Tipadei)

Ven.Dr. Khiev Sam Ang
(President of the Board of Directors)

Ven. Chheng Chhorvanny
(Executive Director)

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  • CYEO's Background

    Child and Youth Education Organization

    Cambodia, a seriously suffered country, was ravaged by a chronic civil war which lasted for three decades and completely ended by 1999. During 1991, after the war and unrest in the country, which was seriously damaged, Cambodia rebuilt its political structures and socio-economic structures included the efforts to bring peace and national reconciliation, restoration of the ancient cultural value and society, establishing the institutions and initiatives of constituting the document laws. The results of united efforts have reconstructed political stability and strengthened democratic principles.

    Cambodia regained the recognition from international and plenipotiary seat in the international communities and region by becoming an official member in the ASEAN community in April 1999. Relationship with neighboring countries was gradually recovered, the civil society and non-governmental organizations understood precisely their duties and their development activities. Growth, Cambodia achieved the development of socio-economic for past 10-15 years, was through its efforts. There were some factors facilitated to the development and others were barriers. The commitment of government and reform process as well as the support from the international communities to help the national development efforts, whereas demographic factors especially high rates of population growth, high birth rates and mortality were determined as main problems of development and poverty reduction on people and the development in Cambodia.

    Seeing the consequence of Cambodia, which was suffered by chronic war for decades. It was caused to lose human resources which were the main resources for the national development and this country is the developing country in the South East Asia.

    Therefore, a group of Khmer Buddhist monks has initiative to establish a non-governmental organization called Child and Youth Education Organization to participate and contribute to the development of national society in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

    Background of Child and Youth Education Organization (CYEO)

    CYEO is a non-governmental organization that is apolitical, does not serve the interests of any political parties, [act with] racial and religious tolerance and does not seek [to make] any private profits, and founded by a group of Khmer Buddhist monks who have studied higher education, and the group has unanimous thought to help the development of social morality of Cambodia via Buddhism on behalf of the Buddhist monks.

    Its main aims are to contribute its efforts to enhance the social morality through education given to the children and youth to strengthen their morality, knowledge and vocational skills in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

    CYEO was founded on December 21th, 2009 and recognized by the Royal government of Cambodia through the Ministry of Interior on February 11th, 2010 and Ministry of Cults and Religions on July 08th, 2010.

    Founding the Organization:

    Graduated from Buddhist studies, a group of Buddhist monks discussed ways merely to compile the Buddhist books and documents to deliver to the only schools and monasteries.

    The organization was instructed and advised from venerable monks and friends who have had national and international experiences with NGO affaires.

    CYEO has the ideal willingness to help the society and encouraged the team to set up its main program. Otherwise, recommendation and encouragement from Most Ven.Dr. Khiev Sam Ang, President of the Board of Directors, directed methods and strategic plans to implement CYEOs principles and activities. So this organization accelerated its program proudly.

    A. Legitimate Framework of Recognition with relevant institutions

    A1. Admission and legitimate recognition from the Royal government of the Kingdom of Cambodia through the Ministry of Interior via the letter N 250 N, dated on February 11th, 2010, on registration of Child and Youth Education Organization.

    A2. Decision and admission of religious registration of Child and Youth Education Organization with the Ministry of Cult and Religion via the letter N268/10, dated July 08th, 2010.

    Target Groups:

    CYEO gives good service to help its target groups are children and youth.

    Target Areas:

    CYEO selects its target areas to implement the program such as schools, monasteries, communities and rural areas and in Phnom Penh and other provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia.



    Organizing the policy documents and procedures:

    A discussion to compile the books and creating policies, organizational statute, internal regulation, program principles and legal documents of Child and Youth Education Organization, which is acronym “ C.Y.E.O.”, and is helping from expert groups  who have national and International experiences from other organizations and institutions.

    Building member capacity:

    Program Development

    The meeting to find the solution of decline of morality in the society and help to vulnerable children and youth

    Strategy and program

    Strategic plan: for long-stand goal, particular within 3, 5 and 10 years.

    -Active Plan: monthly and yearly

    + Strategic plan:

    • Goal
    • Objective
    • Expectation
    • Activities

    +Activity Plan: where,when, what, who, how?

    +Project evaluation: Checking and observation, Achievement work:

    • weekly
    • monthly
    • yearly

    National and International Relations

    A. Key Supporters

    Consultation and recommendation for CYEO’s principles and activities by Prof: Troung Mealy and Dr. Samphouth Senphon, both are the members of President of the Board of Directors of CYEO.

    B. Endowment

    Endowment and contribution from venerable monks  and generous persons in local and abroad especially his own expenditure by Most Venerable Dr.Khiev Sam Ang, President of the Board of Directors.


    Head Office: #28, Wat Mahamontrey, St. Sihanouk Blvd, Sangkat Olympic, Chamkar Morn District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
    Tel: (855) 23 66 55 777/ 23 69 06 184    Email: