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Choun Nath
(Samdach Preash Somethea Tipadei)

Ven.Dr. Khiev Sam Ang
(President of the Board of Directors)

Ven. Chheng Chhorvanny
(Executive Director)

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Partner's List

No. 28

Construction is processing

Headquarter plan (Kudi)


The Construction Committee of Monk's residence No.28, located in Wat Mahamontrey, Sangkat Olympic, Chamkar Morn District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, would like to appeal to Reverend Monks, Lay Buddhists, and generous donors from here and all over the world to wholeheartedly extend your financial assistance in building a Kudi with the size of 10 meters in width and 21 meters in length and three stories. This Kudi is built from concrete and tile roof.


  • To dedicate to the Buddhism
  • To be the headquarter for Child and Youth Education Organization, which focuses mainly on Morality, Environment, and Health
  • To be the residence for Buddhist monks and scholars who willingly serve society and
  • To be the center for instructing Buddhist doctrines to all kinds of people, especially children and youth.


  1. Doors (90cm x 210cm)                         : 36 pieces x $325USD/piece
  2. Doors (90cm x 220cm)                         : 10 pieces x $375USD/piece
  3. Big Doors (180cm x 220cm)                : 1 piece x $680USD/piece
    (Already sponsored)
  4. Big Doors (160cm x 220cm)                : 4 pieces x $625USD/piece
    (Already sponsored)
  5. Twin Windows (140 cm x 210 cm)       : 45 pieces x $320USD/piece
  6. Bathroom's Doors (70cm x 200cm)       : 36 pieces x $100USD/piece
  7. Steel                                                       : $820USD/Ton
  8. Cement                                                  : $97USD/Ton
  9. Brick                                                      : $510USD/10000 pieces
  10. Construction sand                                  : $70USD/Car
  11. Tile                                                         : $26USD/Case
  12. Toilet                                                      : $110USD/Set
  13. Hand washing lavatory                          : $110USD/Pieces
Please note that the cost for:
  • Ground Floor          : $62,647.68USD
  • 1st Floor                   : $67,845.70USD
  • 2nd Floor                 : $46,631.3USD
  • 3rd Floor with roof : $83,094.70USD
  • Roof                          : 1m2 = 65USD

In this connection, we would eagerly call for all generous donors to kindly contribute fund via the Bank Account (No. 050. 02. 30. 04670.7, Swift Code: CPBLKHPP),
Account Holders:
Touch Mai and Keo Maly (Cambodia Public Bank)
directly contact the Construction Committee as follows:
Ven. Touch Mai, Head of Committee:
Tel. +85512201559 or +855978508024

Ven. Khiev Sam Ang (Chey):
+855979760666 (Cambodia) or +919999226666 (India)

''May all sentient beings be well and happy with the blessings from our Lord Buddha''

CYEO is a nongovernmental organization that is apolitical, does not serve the interests of any political party, [acts with] racial and religious tolerance and does not seek [to make] any private profits.

CYEO works for social moral education and aims at promoting Buddhist practice and cultural knowledge in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Buddhism has played significant roles in national reconciliation and peace-building for Cambodian society in its history. Budddhism is a strong foundation of culture and literature for Cambodian people all generations. Buddhism become symbols of people living in the society, and to inspire them with peace and happy for their life. Therefore, they embrace Buddhism as significant principle in their life.

Key features of headquarter construction plan:

  1. To provide enough opportunity for children and youth to practice Buddha's teaching into their own life.
  2. To enhance social morality is facing in our society and to solve those problems.
  3. To guide children and youth to avoid drug using and practice moral conduct and becoming good children, good youth,good students, good friends and good citizen in the society.
  4. To inculcate children and youth to devote for nation, religion and king
  5. To show our commitment to develop the society through Buddhism
  6. We work with young people who are searching for wisdom and are committed to help other people in the society.
  7. Our activities provide support for spiritaul cultivation, medition and put Buddha's teaching into life's deeper meaning in a friendly and open atmosphere for children and youth.
  8. To bring the Buddha's sacred message of peace, love, compassion and equality to human beings

Kudi N0 28 will become headquarter for CYEO
It is under construction process

View of basic structure

The window of Kudi

View from inner of Kudi

The monastery is center of culture and literature for Cambodian people all generations Buddhism is significant foundation of philosophy, art, morality and science.

View in front of the door

View at one side

May all beings live happy and peace!

The lord Buddha said:
One is not low because of birth
nor does birth make one noble
deeds alone make one low
deeds alone make one noble.


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  • Head Office: #28, Wat Mahamontrey, St. Sihanouk Blvd, Sangkat Olympic, Chamkar Morn District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
    Tel: (855) 23 66 55 777/ 23 69 06 184    Email: